28-Aug-2018Murfreesboro, TN+12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for old commercial copy machines for parts
27-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I am in search of two or more matching curtain rods.
26-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of a free working stove in good condition. Doesn't matter the color doesn't matter the age as long as it works thank you.
24-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a dresser or chest of drawers
24-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
My niece is in need of a complete Queen bed. Bought a used one that came with bed bugs.
23-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a wire rack to go into an oven pan (which I already have) for baking/roasting. Thanks!
23-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I want phone for listening to books downloaded from library. Doesn't need to work as a phone or be connected to internet, as I can download to home computer and transfer via USB
22-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a dehumidifier, about 70 pint per day size for use in a basement. Thanks
22-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
looking for a few old Kurig coffee makers working or not for a project....
22-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for anything for a baby girl! I m due in December and have nothing so far. Please let me know if you have anything thank you!!!
22-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Really need a bigger tank for my bearded dragon
21-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
i am a woman who cuts my grass. My lawnmower is basically dead. If someone has a lawnmower that works and stays on and doesnt shake please let me know. Or if you or someone you know could cut my grass one time for free i would appreciate it.
21-Aug-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
If you have bagged leaves to get rid of.....I collect 'em and compost a 3 acre + yard in the country. Tell a neighbor after you blow them to his yard...heh heh!
31-Jul-2018Lebanon, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Looking for 2 metal king size bed frames.
30-Jul-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Anyone out there have a used copy of this "7-Step Rotator Cuff Treatment System" by Brad Walker?
29-Jul-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I am just moving into my place and are looking for certain items to furnish my place. if you have anything other than these items I would love to see them . THANKS
29-Jul-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Hi! Recently college grad in search of furniture. Mainly a bed and a couch or some tables. If interested please reply!
27-Jul-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I am organizing an exhibit at the state fair this year. We want to loop videos in some of our displays and laptops are needed. Will be glad to return them after the fair if necessary.
27-Jul-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
Old table to be used for beer pong
27-Jul-2018Nashville, TN+22 milesItems Wanted
I need a car to use for a few weeksi do a lot of charitable events for a company.I and my car is broken down. Need to do a lot for these events and we are a small small company who has undergone a substantial financial loss. I just don't want to pull out of these events
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